Will I Need To Know How To Code To Use Property Hive?

17th October 2016

It all depends on how you want your website to look and how bespoke and complex you want the site to be.

If you want everything to come styled out of the box and not get involved in coding and CSS then our free Honeycomb theme might be for you.

Alternatively, if wanting to use your own theme, it’s worth nothing that Property Hive isn’t a theme where everything looks perfect out of the box. This plugin is a platform which offers the functionality and key components. It’s then up to you to lay them out and style them how you want to match the theme you’re using.

In this scenario you’ll undoubtedly need beginner to intermediate level CSS knowledge. Beginner PHP knowledge is also advisable, however our documentation should help get you up to speed with how to customise your website. Again, the more bespoke you want your site, the higher level of coding knowledge you’ll need.

If you have no coding experience, we recommend hiring a WordPress developer, or taking out our integration service where we’ll construct the site exactly how you want it on your behalf.