Why doesn’t my ‘Search Results’ page show any properties?

Why doesn’t my ‘Search Results’ page show any properties?

A common question we get asked is regarding why, after setting up Property Hive and adding properties, they don’t show on the page that’s been assigned as the ‘Search Results’ page.

Most commonly the page will read ‘Showing the single result‘, or similar, but the properties, nor the search form will show.

The most common solution/causes for this are as follows:

1. Try re-saving permalinks

Sometimes when activating and deactivating plugins, WordPress can get confused regarding which templates and URL’s to use. A simple solution to rectify this is to go to ‘Settings > Permalinks‘ and just hit ‘Update‘.

2. A theme conflict

The other cause for this is that there is a conflict with the theme being used. The default Property Hive templates often useĀ a CSS class called ‘clear’. We’ve seen in the past that themes also use this class but the class in theme actually hides the elements, hence why you’re not seeing anything. To get around this you either need to remove the ‘clear’ class from the theme, or override the Property Hive templates to not use this class in the following template files:

– global/search-form
– search/loop-start.php
– content-property.php
– content-property-featured.php
– content-property-recent.php


  • 23rd August 2016