Is Property Hive Available In Other Languages?

15th February 2017

Property Hive has been built with translation in mind. Everywhere that text has been output we’ve tried to use the in-built WordPress functions that allow the translation. For example:

__( 'Text here', 'propertyhive' )

As such, technically Property Hive does support multi-language. At the time of writing however we haven’t tested additional languages. This is not because we don’t want to support other languages, but more that it hasn’t been requested.

We are going to be looking at using the service and need to do some more investigation into this and decide on a plan of attack before announcing official multi-language support.

As Property Hive is open source, if you’re interested in looking into this for your own benefit it is possible for you to contribute and will be greatly received by the rest of the community.

Alternatively, you can sign up to our mailing list in the footer of our website and you’ll be notified when multi-language is supported.

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