Does Property Hive Work With Page Builders

26th February 2019

Yes, though the pages you build using your chosen page builder are separate from the Property Hive pages and templates.

The Property Hive pages and templates are not normal ‘pages’. The search results page is an ‘archive’ page, much like a blog, and the individual property details pages are ‘single’ pages, much like the individual posts of a blog. As such, you don’t build these pages using any kind of page builder functionality.

The only way in which a page builder might be used in conjunction with Property Hive is when including shortcodes, for example when wanting to include a search form on the homepage, or similar.

We have many sites using Property Hive and page builders (Divi, Enfold, and many more) in the same environment without issue so, although they have no direct impact on each other, they do work side-by-side.

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