Getting Started

Start here if you’re using Property Hive for the first time. Installing, server requirements and more.


Make Property Hive your own. A look at the editable options available to make it work on your site.


Manage your property stock using our simple and easy-to-use screens. Includes every piece of information obtainable about a property in your templates.


Property Hive can be integrated into any new or existing theme. Find out how to customise it here.


Easily show Property Hive related elements across the rest of your website.

Add Ons

Documentation for each of the Property Hive premium add ons.

Property Hive Themes

Documentation for each of the Property Hive themes.

Misc & Snippets

Quick tips and snippets that might come in handy when building your next website.

Feature Roadmap

View upcoming features, vote on new functionality, and track the status of cards.

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